KGE is a “one stop shop” for Trading, Consulting and Servicing partner. We specialize in facilitating foreign business transactions and partnership opportunities in the Kurdistan Region.

KGE is headquartered in Berlin with a Regional office in Erbil the capital of the Kurdistan Region-Iraq. With active presence on the ground our company has cooperated with numerous international companies across different sectors including:

  • Government and Private Consultancy,
  • NGO,
  • Water, Sanitation, Health,
  • Construction,
  • Certification and Inspection Services

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We know that detecting business opportunities in new and isolated markets and industries can be a challenging process. KGE is well positioned to assist international foreign companies in creating a successful business development model with the aim to achieve an optimized market entry.

KGE is active in three main sectors of Trading/Contracting, Consulting and Servicing


Iraqi Kurdistan is the fastest developing economy in Middle East with a prosperous consumer market and infrastructure building projects. If your company has a competitive product we can help you to sell it.
KGE is the exclusive distributor of various products and contracts/implements projects. Read More


With a unique set of skills and a large pool of both local and international consultants that speak English, Kurdish and Arabic, KGE is ideally placed as a consulting company to complement your firm with regional expertise and deep understanding of all levels of Kurdish and Iraqi public and private sector.
KGE has various joint venture consulting contracts with the government sector and international organizations. Read More


With its presence in the Region and the company’s infrastructure KGE is ready to make available its facilities to support your establishment as well as your ongoing operations.
KGE has supported several international clients in the region with the back office and facility operations. Read More


Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger

Executive Director KGE GmBH

Director European Centre for Energy and Resource Security

Kings College London

Asso Beg

Executive Director KGE GmBH

German, Kurdish/Iraqi-Citizen

Client Relationship Manager

Rekar Bek

Executive Director KGE Ltd

UK, Kurdish/Iraqi Citizen

Economist, Cass Business School, London


  • Proven track record of successfully assisting several international companies to penetrate into different business sectors in the Region.
  • Excellent connections to business and politics in Kurdistan and Iraq
  • Deep understanding of the local market
  • Multiple links with business partners around Europe through our base in Germany
  • Extensive and Region-wide customer base
  • Present and active all over the Region through representatives and sub-distributors.