KGE has specialized in supplying German and Western European solutions for Clean Water, Waste Water and Gas systems. We are the exclusive distributors of German REHAU and FRIATEC products in the Region.

KGE has actively been involved in revolutionizing the water network and distribution market. KGE was the first company to introduce electro-fusion joining technology in the Region as well as RC PE pipes of Type 1. We have to date conducted over 50 practical seminars on electro-fusion joining technology reaching 2000 staff both governmental and private contractors.

We are listed as the supplier of choice for all the Water Directorates of the Region. We have besides supplying products implemented numerous projects in the field.

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“REHAU since its founding in 1948 has become the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive and industry”.

Its selected relevant products include:

  • Drinking water pipes made of RAU-PVC, PE RC and PE-Xa
  • Gas pipeline systems made of RAU-PE and PE-Xa
  • Septic pipe and drainage systems
  • Rainwater management systems
  • Communications line systems
  • Systems for trenchless pipe installation
  • Geosynthetics
  • Building inlets
  • Local and district heating systems


FRIATEC AG today is one of the global market leaders offering a spectrum of innovative solutions for many industries in water and gas including:

  • Jointing technology for water and gas pipe systems,
  • Products for water-carrying building services,
  • Special pumps for aggressive, volatile or explosive media, but also ceramic components which are used in laboratory and electrical engineering and medical engineering